February 09 2013

National Beer Pong League

Project Date: Nov 15, 2012
Skills: Facebook Promotion, Free Beer, LikeUs Network, National Beer Pong League, Social Media

Did you know you can play beer pong, and win a ton of money? Yeah…we didn’t either
We were contacted by a local coordinator in San Francisco, about a semi-final tournament that was going on. They wanted some ideas, and were curious what the possibilities were. The most obvious thing we thought we could do at a beer pong tournament was give away free beer.

Who wants a free beer?

We printed out 6 flyers. 1 in the men & women’s restroom, 2 on the bar, 1 on the front door, and 1 on the dj stand. And that’s it. You’d be surprised how much people read when they’re standing at the urinal.

The way the promotion works is: You go to m.likeus.co on your smartphone, login with facebook, and post a nice message about the National Beer Pong League. After the post, we give you a promo code that you can show to the bartender and get your free frosty beverage.

Within an hour of the event, we had given out 100 free drinks, received 574 unique visits to the website, 124 facebook likes, 56 comments, and 12 shares. Over a 50% CTR and tons of social love to boot.