February 09 2013

IPS Parking Meters

Project Date: Aug 08, 2012
Skills: Facebook Promotion, IPS Parking Meters, LikeUs Network, Parking Meters, Social Media, Twitter Promotion

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay for parking when you just need to run in and grab your dry cleaning?
IPS parking meters are some of the most advanced parking meters on the market. They are solar powered parking meters that accept credit cards and the typical coin variety. LikeUs Network worked with them on a pilot campaign for the city of Walnut Creek.

15 Minutes of free parking

Since the LikeUs Network mobile app can connect to anyone network provider, we were able to sync our app to the parking meters. So that when a parker just need a quick 15 minutes, they could use our app to promote one of the local businesses. In exchange we automatically added 15 minutes of time to the meter. The city still gets paid, and the customer gets free parking. One big happy Walnut Creek.