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We are trying to change the vending world one mobile phone at a time


LikeUs Network is a mobile payment solution for vending machines. When our hardware is plugged into vending machines, it enables them to accept payments from paypal, google wallet, saved credit cards, and other payment solutions.

iOS – Android – Mobile Web Apps Available

Our mobile app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  This is where we differ from other mobile payment solutions.  Typical mobile payment devices in the vending industry require NFC, which makes it only available to the small % of Android phones that have NFC capability.  Our solution works with payment options you already use (paypal, google wallet, etc), and on multiple device platforms.  

5 Million Vending Machines in the US Market

Need proof that mobile payment increases revenue?  Both United States and Japan have 5 million vending machines in their country.  US – less than 5% mobile payment enabled |  Japan more than 90% mobile payment enabled.   Us Revenue – $15 billion  |  Japan Revenue – $50 billion

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September 10 2013

Mark Cuban company enables mobile and social currency for vending machines

IRVINE, CA, September 12, 2013 — LikeUs Network (http://www.likeus.co), a vending machine hardware company, revealed itself to the public at TechCrunch Disrupt SF yesterday. LikeUs Network is approaching vending in a new way: People don’t always have correct change, dollar bills, or even a credit card, but they do always have their mobile phone. Our device makes buying a drink or a snack as easy as playing Angry Birds on your iPhone. The LikeUs Network device requires little effort to install into vending machines: simply plug the device into an open or split MDB port. Straightaway, the device connects itself Read More

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